Minister Bob’s Second Son, Six Weeks Old

This week’s #TBT shows Minister Bob’s second son at six weeks of age!


Minister Bob at Home with Daughter

This week’s post is glimpse into Minister Bob’s home life. Here is a personal recording where he is telling a story to his daughter in 1962.

Listen in!

Minister Bob and Wife Pose for pictures, 1950s Hunstville

For today’s #TBT, here are a couple of pictures showing a young, goateed Minister Bob and his wife posing for pictures!

Huntsville, Bob posing (with facial hair)

Huntsville, Net lounging
They were taken in Huntsville, Alabama circa mid 1950s.

Guest Post: Brothers and Sisters Choir Tour

Today’s #TBT post has several pictures from the “Purpose” Tour from The Brother and Sisters. Special thanks to Mike for providing these pictures!
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Mike also shared a couple of thoughts with us:

My time with them at Headland Heights was very special,” Mike said. “When I was in youth choir, probably when we were preparing for the famous “Purpose” tour, Bob stopped choir practice to say, “We finally found a song in Mike’s key!'”

“Another time, when he brought his youth from Quitman to a church in Vienna, Ga. where I was the Summer youth minister and by default I was leading a choir… He compared that miracle to Jesus walking on water! I love his sense of humor!”

If you have any media of Minister Bob and would like to contribute to the podcast, do not hesitate to contact us!