God Loves You Choir Tour Memorabilia

The second post which I neglected to publish years ago also focuses on Choir Tour memorabilia. These bits are from the “God Loves You” tour that Minister Bob lead for the First Baptist Church in Quitman, Georgia.

8-GLY Program Cover-page-001

6-GLY Newspaper Clipping-page-001
7-GLY Newspaper Clipping-page-002

4-GLY Full Programme-page-001
5-GLY Full Programme-page-002


Bright New Wings Tour Choir Memorabilia

Stopping by the old place on a work tour, and I found some old memories that I saved as a post three years ago, then never actually published. I know several of you have been waiting a LONG time for these. Here are some photos of memorabilia from the Bright New Wings choir tour that Minister Bob led for the Pell City First Baptist Church in 1977:

3-BNW Program-page-001

2-BNW Member List-page-001

1-BNW Member Letter-page-001