Minister Bob’s Second Son, Six Weeks Old

This week’s #TBT shows Minister Bob’s second son at six weeks of age!


Clipping: Minister Bob Prepares Music for SBC

In this week’s #TBT, a newspaper clipping that shows Minister Bob preparing music for the Southern Baptist Convention!

The clipping was collected in the early 1950s.

Minister Bob and Wife Pose for pictures, 1950s Hunstville

For today’s #TBT, here are a couple of pictures showing a young, goateed Minister Bob and his wife posing for pictures!

Huntsville, Bob posing (with facial hair)

Huntsville, Net lounging
They were taken in Huntsville, Alabama circa mid 1950s.

Guest Post: Brothers and Sisters Choir Tour

Today’s #TBT post has several pictures from the “Purpose” Tour from The Brother and Sisters. Special thanks to Mike for providing these pictures!
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Mike also shared a couple of thoughts with us:

My time with them at Headland Heights was very special,” Mike said. “When I was in youth choir, probably when we were preparing for the famous “Purpose” tour, Bob stopped choir practice to say, “We finally found a song in Mike’s key!'”

“Another time, when he brought his youth from Quitman to a church in Vienna, Ga. where I was the Summer youth minister and by default I was leading a choir… He compared that miracle to Jesus walking on water! I love his sense of humor!”

If you have any media of Minister Bob and would like to contribute to the podcast, do not hesitate to contact us!

The Brothers and Sisters

Today’s #TBT picture is from the early 1970s.

1971 Headland Heights Choir

It shows an singing group conducted by Minister Bob. It was called “The Brothers and Sisters”, and you have already heard one of there songs in our podcast. Stay tuned to hear and see much more! #MNSTBOB